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Jury Awards an Additional $7.75 Million in Punitive Damages in Transvaginal Mesh Case against Johnson & Johnson/Ethicon

As reported in a recent blog, a New Jersey jury awarded a South Dakota woman $3.35 million for her claims against Johnson & Johnson/Ethicon. The plaintiff claimed significant damages, including 18 revision surgeries, as a result of having Johnson & Johnson/Ethicon’s defective and recalled Prolift transvaginal mesh implanted in her. Just a few days later, the same jury ordered Johnson & Johnson/Ethicon to pay the woman an additional $7.76 million in punitive damages. In all, the jury verdict totaled $11.11 million. Although punitive damages are not available under Massachusetts law in the absence of a wrongful death claim, this verdict stands as a strong warning to manufacturers of transvaginal mesh who intend to try their cases to conclusion. The horrific damages suffered by many victims of transvaginal mesh may lead to additional large verdicts in the first wave of cases that are going to trial across the country in which the defective nature of the transvaginal mesh products is the central focus.

SUGARMAN principals Marianne LeBlanc and David McCormack continue to represent clients who have been implanted with defective or recalled transvaginal mesh products. If you believe you may be suffering from adverse medical complications as a result of a defective or recalled transvaginal mesh product, please e-mail Marianne C. LeBlanc at, David McCormack at or call 617-542-1000.